October 11
9am – 8pm (3 classes)

Taught by Peggy Sagers
Host of the PBS television series

Fitting Yourself, by Yourself… and More!
Morning Lecture 9am – 12pm.

There are simple solutions to the problems of fitting yourself. And Peggy has the answers that will allow you to fit yourself easily!! Not only will we talk about fit, but also how to achieve great style in our clothing that will help us look pounds thinner without losing a pound! Proportions will also be taught and how we can make our clothes look much better on us. Also we will answer those fabric questions that you have never received an answer for and we will have fun!! Don’t miss out ….come join our fun morning!

The Yoga Pant!
Afternoon class 1-4pm. Evening class 5-8pm.

This pant is literally worn by the most fashionistas or the woman
going to the gym, it works on so many levels by simply changing the
fabrics and the fit!! Come to this workshop, limited in size, and
Peggy has made all the sizes, so you can try on and get the pattern
fitted perfectly. We will be using Silhouette Pattern #3400. Go home
and make these pants up in under an hour and be ready for any and all
occasions. Lots of fun and lots of learning will take place. See you

Call 954-724-2900 to register today! Seating is limited!