Special Guest: Peggy Sagers from the Fit 2 Stitch series on PBS!

January 19th
9am – 8pm (3 classes)

Taught by Peggy Sagers
Host of the PBS television series

Fitting Yourself, by Yourself… and More!
Morning Lecture 9am – 12pm. $35

There are simple solutions to the problems of fitting yourself. And Peggy has the answers that will allow you to fit yourself easily!! Not only will we talk about fit, but also how to achieve great style in our clothing that will help us look pounds thinner without losing a pound! Proportions will also be taught and how we can make our clothes look much better on us. Also we will answer those fabric questions that you have never received an answer for and we will have fun!! Don’t miss out ….come join our fun morning!

T-Shirt Fitting
Hands-on Fitting Class 1 – 4pm. $79

Using the base t-shirt, we will first fit everyone in this great pattern, then we will show you some great Florida options that you will love!! Peggy has all the sizes made up, so you can try on the size that works best for you and learn the simple changes you need for your personal best fit. Many more great t-shirts will follow as the ideas that Peggy will show you are exciting and current in fashion!! Don’t miss this afternoon class! Silhouette Pattern #195 Sweater Set will be used and will be available for purchase from Cynthia’s.

Pant Fitting
Hands-on Fitting Class 5 – 8pm. $129

Using the pant muslin that you will make up prior to class by instructions given by Peggy, each will be fitted in the pant style of their choice of any Silhouette Pattern pant pattern. Peggy will individually drape student’s muslin on their body and show them how to make the changes on their pattern and then make each pant they make fit as well as the one they have been draped in. Many more great pants will follow once the fitting is complete. Explanation of grain, French curve and darting will be included. Don’t miss this evening class!

Call 954-724-2900 to register today! Seating is limited!

Check out the 8 page catalog of patterns HERE.