Feb 16: Mary Mulari Sewing Seminars

Mary Mulari has developed a national reputation for her unique, stylish, easy-to-sew accessories, clothing embellishments, as well as her sense of humor. If you recognize her name, it may be because she has appeared as a guest on over 50 programs of Sewing With Nancy and written 28 creative sewing books. She has designed “automatic applique” embroidery cards and publishes her own line of patterns. Her ideas and projects appeal to sewing enthusiasts and quilters of all ability levels.  Mary works in her home office and sewing parlor in Aurora, Minnesota.

Sewing Inspirations for All Seasons
A Day Long Variety Show of Projects & Ideas
Presented by Mary Mulari,  the most frequent guest on Sewing with Nancy

Prepare to collect baskets full of sewing ideas on Saturday, February 16!  See quick-to-sew accessories and discover new possibilities for applique and quilting scraps. Mary Mulari, author and national sewing personality, will inspire and entertain you with her latest collection of stylish and useful sewing ideas and details. Topics included in her presentation are all occasion fabric wraps, sweatshirt makeovers, accessories from her pattern line, and great ways to make use of the family’s T-shirt stash and all those charm square packs. You’ll see the special projects from her books, patterns, and guest appearances on PBS television’s Sewing With Nancy. For a great time and lots of new ways to use your sewing machines, don’t miss this program! 

Call 954-724-2900 for pricing and registration!